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Perpetrators of Terror Bombings in Indonesia

Head of National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT) Inspector General Ansyaad Mbai rate, the perpetrators of terror bombings in the last week were the old players who want to establish an Islamic state in Indonesia. While their short-term goal is to cause fear and want to show weakness and embarrass the government.

"Each time you successfully do the action will surely arise again. Then exploited the people. Then the recriminations, "he said in a discussion titled" After the issuance Issues Book Bomb, "in Jakarta.

Ansyaad continued, after the first succeed, then there will be a further effect, namely horizontal conflict. "Messages on the bomb book, now almost attained. From a situation of conflict, then the question arises, who is designated, then appeared speculative analysis and in-blow-up media, "he continued.

Ansyaad continuing, terror bombings in Indonesia has been going on since 1998. The series of bombings that lasted until 2004 was the same culprit: the group Imam Samudra, who was sentenced to death for involvement in the Bali bombings. "If asked the culprit, why Istiqlal Mosque bombed? The answer is, if the mosque in the bomb, all sane people who think that no group of Muslims who do the bombing. Continues, the Church in the bomb. This is a reply. Finally, in 2002 in Bali revealed. Apparently, that did the old players, namely Imam Samudera. Genesis and over again, the Bali bombings 2, and Marriott 1, it turns out, the culprit or group together. Year 2004 at the Australian Embassy bombing, to embarrass the government of Indonesia, "he explained.

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