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The Hole Movies

There is something admirable in a horror movie that does not use the blood to stimulate but try to rely on methods of tension, as evidenced both to dispel the chill to the spine. "The Hole" Dane (Chris Massoglia), a grumpy teenager, and his sister's son Lucas (Nathan Gamble) moved with their single mother to a small town house. They become friends with their beautiful teenage neighbor Julie (Haley Bennett). The three found a hole in their basement that seems unfounded.

Personal demons manifest themselves with the power of a few is an old cinematic formula. Right from Andrei Tarkovsky's "Solaris" for sci-fi movie "Sphere", there are endless movies at the same thing.

This concept may not be original, but the execution, despite the cliche, so it seems. What makes "The Hole" apart is that it pitches the same idea for very young generation with a very simple message - the greatest thing to fear is fear itself.

The film is not too high on the gore factor is a good thing considering the age of the audience. But unfortunately, these young young viewers are exposed to more gore because there is more blood in the video game 10-year-old than the entire film.

However, the core of this film in the right place. Using terrified to go home the importance of courage in the minds of young viewers. Instead of special effects and useless consists face excessive blood and violence, using the anticipation of horror by building a false start with all the cliches the recognized voice of the horror film as a tool for the home cool factor.

Considering that very few films even attempt to make this effort is laudable 3D.

The film is also light on unnecessary jargon or philosophizing. "The Hole" thus becomes a film, well worthy to introduce children to the horror genre and, hopefully, there will be sequels to it. This is a movie full of potential.

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