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How to Somali pirates arrested

Somalia on March 16, 2011 managed to hijack ships PT. Samudera Indonesia is manned by 20 crew (ABK). Run out of food and medicines, their situation is now becoming critical. Rezky Judiana, daughter of one of the captured crew, Slamet Juari, reveals the condition of his father and several other prisoners of the more alarming. Based on communication with the father, the pirates restrict their eating and drinking.

After negotiations between the crew and the pirates, finally agreed to their ransom was reduced to U.S. $ 3 million. Previously, the pirates demanded a ransom of up to U.S. $ 3.5 million Meanwhile, the Samudra Indonesian , represented by vice president director, David Coal, said that this is not about ransom. However, he was not sure whether the Samudra Indonesia have set up the ransom or not.

Samudera Indonesia has asked the families of the crew was not too worried. Because, "In more than 200 documented cases of hijacking the hijackers never hurt, unless there is resistance from the crew."

Previously, similar cases also have experienced by our neighbor country, Malaysia, on 22 January. At that time, the robbers Somalia has successfully mastered Malaysian-flagged ship in the Gulf of Aden. However, thanks to the alertness of the Malaysian navy is patrolling the area, the pirates had been paralyzed.

Royal Malaysian Navy said troops injured three people pirate his command in the crossfire and had rescued 23 crew of MT Bunga from pirates who stormed the ship with weapons pistols and rifles. The presence of Malaysian Navy in the Gulf of Aden to escort vessel function related to the interests of the neighbor country. The attack came just two hours after the navy left the MT Bunga after escorting the ship to an area considered relatively safe in the waters of the Gulf of Aden, about 500 kilometers off the east coast of Oman.

The success story of the rescue citizens from pirates also made by South Korea, a day before the success of Malaysia, 21 January 2011. Raid conducted after the ship was tracked his existence since the hijacked on 15 January. At that time the South Korean special forces stormed the ship Samho Jewelery which brings tens of thousands of tons of chemicals. Raid managed to rescue crew numbered 21 people, two of them are Indonesian citizens.

Malaysia and South Korea since 2009 and was incorporated in the security task force cargo ships in the waters of the Gulf of Aden, the waters of the so-called hot zone piracy. They joined in a joint task force consisting of 151 combined combat forces over 20 countries. Among them are Singapore, South Korea, Canada, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Pakistan, Britain and the United States.

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