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Somali Pirates Most Popular On Earth

The waters off the coast of Somalia is the most piracy-prone hot spot on earth. Where the pirates could come anytime. Appears as combat troops. Carrying a machine gun, carrying a basket of grenades, block and hijack passing ships.

In addition to the seized cargo ship - although that is rare - the main purpose of the pirates was actually a ransom. They understand very well that a passing ship there is a boat business, which includes merchandise belonging to large corporations.

That's why they call numbers easily billions if bypasses ransom. If the employers do not want to, they push the country of origin of the vessel. Yes only goal ransom.

That is also now occurring with 20 Children Fruit Ship (ABK) Holy Light of PT Samudera Indonesia. They asked for a ransom of 3 million dollars. Indonesia reported that 20 people were stressed, less healthy meals and increasingly critical.

Although the ships were passing in the international sea, the hijackers were going to drive them into the sea of ??Somalia. And that's troublesome. Somalia's government can not be expected under these conditions, although the world to force them to act.

The reason is that the country was facing the open sea, constantly embroiled in disputes. Let alone taking care of the fate of hijacked vessels, the ruling power there is always at the edge of a cliff. Can coup anytime.

Transitional government is still struggling to face upheaval and anarchy rule the masses, since warlords overthrew military dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991. Murders, kidnappings became commonplace occurrence there.

Virtually, the pirates are the new jobs for young people of Somalia. Consider just the recognition of one of the pirates, Muse Abdulrashid Mohammed told Al Jazeera.

"I want to say to the media and the international community that we do this because the needs and conditions without a job. Our lives are destroyed, the cause is the collapse of the Somali government."

However, undeniable, a pirate is the way to a luxurious life wallowing treasure. For example, Adani, at the age of 19 years he has stately homes and large trucks because of a pirate.

Whereas the previous two years, he lived on the streets of Bossaso town. "If you do not have anything, people will hate you. But you will be respected if you have money," said he, like loaded AP.

Shipments millions of dollars in ransom money has changed the lives of Muslim communities on the coast of Somalia. Newly created gaps, between a wealthy pirate groups with non-pirates are getting poorer.

This is the lifestyle of Somali pirates: big houses, cool cars, beautiful women, and narcotics - which has been criticized both religious leaders and villagers.

"The use of illicit drugs like marijuana, drinking alcohol, sex, and other annoying behaviors become the norm for the pirates. This cause social problems," said Sheikh Ahmed, leader of the mosque in the town of Galkayo, like loaded AP. "This is more worrying for us, rather than the threat that they generate for the foreign crew."

Money was changing the face of Somalia. A paved road divides the city of Bossaso, the new hotels, and newer buildings lined up on its edge. Cars SUVs and luxury cars made in Asia and then ply the streets. American songs, Somalia, and India roar of a car tape.

Anshud businessman said Thursday that the entry of millions of dollars in stolen money to make the price of shoes, clothes, and cosmetics crept up.

New credit system in force, the pirates do not have to pay cash when buying goods. They are allowed to take goods on credit, with high prices, and pay off their debt if the ransom money already in hand.

"The pirates pay in dollars and not have to bother bargaining," said Abdullahi Khadra, a seller in Bossaso. "They often do not take my change, as if money is not meaningful."

Leading elders Bossaso, Mohamud Suldan Aw-nor say, clerics and village elders did not approve the pirate lifestyle. However, they are helpless, mantra 'I'm going to be a pirate' is often used by teenagers to threaten their parents, if they will not be met.

Mating systems have also been influenced by pirates with a heavy bag. "Hundreds of cars escorting the bride to the location of the reception, the newlyweds a house crowded with expensive furniture, and the bride wore expensive gold jewelry," said Shamso Ahmed, owner of a beauty salon. Thousands of dollars paid to the family of the bride as a dowry.

"The pirates wasted no time to seduce women, but pay them a lot," said Sahro Mohamed. "They do this to several girls at once, I know that."

Meanwhile, journalist Spanish daily, El Mundo that managed to penetrate the center of pirates in the City of Harardhere also witnessed something similar. The city has a population of 6,000 people was so central 'Orgy, money, shooting, and sex'

"Yesterday they celebrated their eighth wedding, all the groom is a pirate," said a hotel owner.

He said, most pirates had three or more wives. their number depending on the amount of loot. Married the pirate has been a dream for most local women.

The pirates can enjoy the convenience of not accessible to citizens of other Harardhere. Their homes is one of the few residential electricity, using a generator that was stolen from the ship.

"Women need love and money, and pirates have money, and they show their love," said Khabibo Salad, the wife of a pirate.

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