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Justin Bieber playing football in Spain

Justin Bieber seen playing soccer with teams wearing shirts of Barcelona, ​​in the midst of touring his music. Canadian singer is indeed phenomenal will hold a concert in the Spanish capital, Madrid, as part of a musical tour around Europe.

But before the action on stage, Bieber does not want to waste his visit to the country's World Cup champion. He also took the time to try out his ability to play ball. The results are disappointing. Bieber looked pretty good at playing ball. Moreover, his opponent also looks a lot stronger from it.

The boy wonder in the music world was dissolved in excitement when he managed to score a goal. As quoted from The Sun, he did celebrate by lifting her shirt up high. Bieber success score, is another achievement that have printed.

Since its entry into the music industry two years ago, when he was 15 years old, Bieber indeed astonishing scores. Recording sold a million copies in various parts of the world. Documentary film debut, 'Never Say Never,' was also hugely successful.

Bieber now intend to buy a home in Los Angeles. Not only that, he began building his business empire. In the near future, he will be sweeping the world of film, following in the footsteps girlfriend Selena Gomez. Bieber planned to compete with Ashton Kutcher's acting in the comedy 'What Would Kenny Do.

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