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Prisoner rampage, Roumieh Prison Burned

Riots swept the largest prison in Lebanon, Tuesday, April 5, 2011. Hundreds of prisoners rampage and set fire to the contents of the prison building. Three prison officers were taken hostage.

Thick smoke rising high above the prison located in Roumieh, east of Beirut, it is. The prisoners demanded improvements in prison conditions are very bad now. They also demanded the reduction of prison sentences.

The protest prison inmates are in fact already made ​​since the last few days. However, the peak of the protest carried out arson and hostage-taking action.

Lebanese Interior Minister Ziad Baroud said Roumieh prison is designed to accommodate 1050 prisoners. But, now in prison excess capacity reaches 3,700 people. There are still about 700 detainees candidate who will get in there.

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