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Stunning FIFA Football Federation of Bosnia

World Football Federation (FIFA) suspended football federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, April 1, 2011. This decisive step was taken after the Congress did not adopt the Bosnian Football Federation FIFA statutes in accordance with FIFA and EUFA instructions.

This announcement was submitted via the official site of FIFA, April 1, 2011. In its release, FIFA and UEFA said that his party has requested that the FIFA Statutes FFBH adopted no later than March 31, 2011. When the failed FFBH automatically receive sanctions from FIFA.

FFBH Congress was held in Sarajevo, March 29, 2011. Forum through the voting does not approve the amendment to the Statute of the FFBH. Than 54 delegates, only 22 who agreed to change the old statute.

As a result, FFBH also lose the right membership in FIFA until further notice. FFBH and the clubs that underneath also not allowed to follow all international events under the FIFA until this issue can be resolved.

FIFA also banned all FFBH representatives to participate in any international event that is under the control of FIFA. FIFA and UEFA are also deeply regret having issued this decision and intends to immediately meet and find solutions

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