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Watch out, Direct Message in UberSocial Leaks

Twitter issued a warning that there is a gap in UberSocial which can create a message that is sent on the features 'Direct Messages' (DM), sent with a status no longer private.

Direct Message is leaking any service to make online security accounts Twitter membroadcast a warning. In essence, the berkonten Direct Message length or more than 140 characters that is sent via UberSocial and potentially taxable Twidroyd this disorder.

Quoted from PC World, April 01, 2011, the risk of these problems could whack BlackBerry users, the iPhone, and Android handsets.

Twitter confirmed, it has been contacting their UberSocial to fix these minor issues up to fit the existing privacy policy. "Meanwhile, users are expected to be alert to this issue," said Twitter.

UberSocial is one of the applications are quite popular Twitter client for users of handheld devices, although some time ago had been forced to change name by Twitter. UberSocial followers claimed to have reached 2.8 million in Twitter.

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